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Coq pisang


Coq pisang,kata sesetengah orang utara. Ada yang panggil cucoq pisang,pisang goreng,goreng pisang atau gorpis.  The banana fritters are called by many names in the Malay community.

Pisang awak ni telah diberi oleh seorang sahabat. These bananas were given by a friend.They belong to a species of bananas commonly found in Malaysia.

  • Setiap pisang dihiris 3. Cut each banana into 3 slices.
  • Sediakan hirisan2 pisang. Get ready the slices of bananas.

Bancuhan tepung:
The batter :

  • 3 camca besar tepung beras dicampur sedikit garam. Some salt to 3 large spoons of rice flour.
  • 3 camca besar air kapur.  3 large spoons of liquid from the edible calcium carbonate.
  • Masukkan air. Bancuhan jangan terlalu pekat,hanya cukup untuk menyaluti kepingan pisang.
    Add in water.The batter should be thin,just enough to coat the slices of bananas.

Celup kepingan pisang dalam bancuhan tepung dan goreng dalam minyak panas. Dip the slices of bananas in the batter and deep fry them.

Alhamdulillah… dah siap.  Alhamdulillah… it’s done.



Ubi kentang rebus ni tumpang tepung pisang goreng tu.Ni cicah cili cuka atau cili sos, sedaaap…. These par-boil potato slices shared the batter for the banana fritters.Delicious if taken with homemade vinaigrette chillies or chilly sauce.


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