Kuih-muih, Resipi

Blueberry cheese brownie


Ni buah tangan drp.adik (mak su).Hobi dia buat kek,alih2 nak jadi bisnes.Alhamdulillah,ramai kenalan berminat. This is a gift from lil’ sis. Her hobby in baking cakes is eventually turning into a business. Alhamdulillah, many acquintances are interested.

Sedaaap…  Tunggu sat.’Clear’InsyaAllah. Scrumptious……. Just wait,it’ll be gone in a few minutes.InshaAllah.

Tak sempat letak buah2 segar,buah2 kering pun orait la tu….. Didn’t manage to garnish with fresh fruits but it’s okay with the dried fruits….




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