Kuih-muih, Resipi

Apom balik pa’ ya


Apom balik.   Pancake

Apom balik ni dibeli daripada Pa’ Ya.  These pancakes were purchased from the stall.

Inti : jagung dlm.tin,kacang tumbuk,gula.Boleh ditambah hirisan pisang. Pernah baca dlm.akhbar,apom balik ni dipelbagaikan inti spt.pizza.

Fillings : canned cream corns,crushed peanuts/groundnuts,sugar.We can add slices of banana too. An article in a newspaper once related how these  pancakes  were  made with different kinds of fillings,likened to the pizzas.The batter is basically of wheat flour and some raising agents.

Sedara peniaga menyiapkan bancuhan tepung apom balik. The seller preparing the batter for the pancake.

Apom balik dimasak dlm.acuan tembaga.

The pancakes being cooked in copper moulds.

Jagung dlm.tin.  Canned cream corn.

Telur ditambah dlm.bancuhan tepung atas permintaan pelanggan shj.Harganya lebih sikit. Eggs are added to the batter only on customers’ requests at extra charges.

Apom yg.dah masak sedang dikeluarkan dari acuan. The cooked pancakes are being removed fr.the moulds.

Apom balik yg. sudah siap — cuma 70 sen sekeping. The ready pancakes at only 70 sen a piece.




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