Buah, Flora

Produk-produk dari buah pala


Jeruk dan halwa pala/ Pickled and candied nutmegs.

 Enak dimakan begitu saja…..buat acar buah pun sedap. Tasty to be taken on its own…..or just add to the acar(chutney) dish.

Jeruk pala tanpa kulit. Pickled nutmegs without peels.

Jeruk pala yg.berkulit. Pickled nutmegs with peels.

Halwa pala.  Candied nutmegs.

Produk2 dari buah pala : kordial pala,jem pala,minyak pala,balm,selaput kering dan biji pala kering.  Products from nutmegs : nutmeg cordial,nutmeg jam,nutmeg oil (for external use),balm,dried mace and dried seeds.



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