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Pokok menumpang


Pokok mempelam(mangga) mati dek dendalu.Terkorban ceritanya. Sekarang menjadi habitat utk.tumbuhan lain pula –macam2 warna pulak tu (hijau,oren,kuning). The mango tree was destroyed by the parasite plant likened to the mistletoe. Now the rotten trunk has become the habitat for some parasites and epiphytes (of various colours).

bracket fungi

Subhanallah. Menumpang tapi kemain sihat dia… Rizkan toyyiban. Subhanallah. The fungi seem to be a healthy lot… good food aplenty.

bracket fungi

This dead mango tree has become the habitat of various plants of many colours (green,orange,yellow).Whatever they are, parasites or epiphytes, they seem to be very healthy. All praises to Allah.

There are also lichens on the tree trunk.Lichens are composite organisms.

bracket fungi

Yang ni tumbuh di batang pokok kelapa yg.dah reput. These fungi grow on a rotten coconut trunk.


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