Fauna, haiwan liar

Pakai baju batik


Orang ni jumpa si hewan panjang ni tak berapa jauh dari belakang rumah kami.Entahlah,selama ni ada kucing2 kami yg.tiba2 ghaib. Org. ni mengalami luka yg. dalam di tangan, digigit sawa ni.(Meremang bulu roma tengok) This guy here is a python hunter.So this was what he got not far from our home backyard.Maybe this is the answer to the sudden disappearance of some of our cats. He had a deep cut on his palm, cos he was bitten by this python. (The sight of these give me goose pimples).

  • Jumpa berdekatan dengan kandang itik apek sayur di belakang tu. Found it near to the enclosure of ducks belonging to a vegetable farmer back there.
  • Yang ni betina. Dia bukan jumpa satu,tapi dua ekor.Ada seekor telah terlepas.Kalau tidak 3 semuanya. This is a female one.He caught 2.It would had been 3,but one had escaped.


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