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Kuda padi di Bkt Mertajam

Seorang penduduk & keluarganya di Kubang Semang minat membela haiwan pecut ini.Biasa ternampak 6 hingga 7 ekor kuda ini sdg meragut rumput di tepi sungai berdekatan kediaman mereka. A resident & his family in Kubang Semang are very keen on breeding horses. Once we had seen 6 to 7 of them grazing by the stream within their vicinity.This is an uncommon sight in Malaysia.

Kuda padi (kecil) sedang meragut di padang.     ﺳﺒﺣﺎﻥﷲ  .        A pony seen grazing.    ﺳﺒﺣﺎﻥﷲ     

Seekor lagi kuda di tepi sungai. Another horse by the stream.

Seekor lagi berdekatan rumah mereka. Another one close to their home.




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