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Bagai puyu di air jernih



Anabas testudineus


Anabas testudineus

Puyu/puyu-puyu/pepuyu : sejenis ikan darat / ikan air tawar (Anabas terstudineus). Bagai puyu di air jernih,peribahasa perihal orang yang senang kehidupannya. The climbing gourami is a freshwater fish found in streams,irrigation canals,ponds and paddy fields.

Tak cadang pun nak memancing.Tetiba jumpa sekoq cacing masa dok gali lubang nak tanam tiang penyidai kain.Terus lekatkan cacing di kail dan pancing. Didn’t plan of fishing.Somehow we’d found an earthworm while digging a hole to erect a pole for the clothes-line.Just got the worm fixed to the hook and started fishing.



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